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Lithuanian American Community, Inc.
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The Lithuanian American Community

Since its founding in 1951, the Lithuanian American Community (LAC) has sought to preserve the Lithuanian cultural identity for future generations. LAC is also in the forefront of fostering the growth of the democratic institutions of the country of our heritage and of assisting Lithuania in numerous other ways. LAC seeks, welcomes, and involves in its activities all individuals of Lithuanian descent as well as their non-Lithuanian spouses. LAC is part of the Lithuanian World Community, an organizational network embracing Lithuanians in over 41 countries. LAC has 52 local chapters in 27 states and the District of Columbia. We encourage entrepreneurial individuals to form new LAC chapters where there presently are none.

The Lithuanian American Community:

  • organizes educational, cultural, religious, community, social and sports activities;
  • works in close cooperation with Lithuanian institutions, businesses and organizations;
  • promotes Lithuanian culture in the U.S. and provides information to Americans about Lithuania;
  • works to safeguard human and civil rights;
  • actively supports strengthening democracy and economic reform in Lithuania;
  • fosters interaction among Lithuanians within the United States and around the world.
  • LAC offers Americans of Lithuanian heritage (about 800,000) an organizational structure that enables them to:
  • transmit their culture and language to their young;
  • respond to the social, spiritual, educational, and other concerns of Lithuanian Americans of all persuasions;
  • assist the country of their heritage with American civic experience, professional expertise, material support, and with other assistance for Lithuania’s efforts to fully rejoin the family of democratic nations after 50 years of foreign occupation.
  • LAC activities run on volunteer power and voluntary contributions.